Remembering A Day at Inasmuch

The following is a guest post written by one of our many volunteers at IAM.

When our volunteers meet with a client, we pray with them, ask what is going on in their lives and try to help them improve their personal situations. Each volunteer invests their time and skills for those who come to us for help. Long after the day is over, we remember those faces and situations.

A rush of cold air filled the lobby as each person started coming in from the cold. It was mid December and the door was opened earlier than normal to get everyone in out of the frigid air. The room was quickly charged with the hum of conversation. Soft sounds of children were heard as they entertained themselves while they waited for their parents to be called. From the chair at the registration desk, the tops of the children’s heads could be seen as they played at the table in the corner under the mission statement written on the wall:
“Helping people in need, offering hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ and promoting personal responsibility”

Each person received a ticket in order to serve everyone in a timely manner. Final instructions were given explaining the green and white tickets were for bus passes, the black and white tickets were for any other needs.

The day began when black and white number 1 was called; a man about 30 years old stepped up to the registration desk, the volunteer asked, “how can we help you today?” With a sheepish voice he answered “could I have help with food and clothes?” He had recently lost his job and had a fire in his house losing almost everything. He needed clothes for himself and his two teenage sons. Several more questions needed to be asked. “Have you ever been at the ministry before and do you receive food stamps?” he said “no” to both questions. “Do you have an Indiana State ID?” He showed his Indiana State ID so that his information could be entered into the computer. The computer printed out a form for him to fill out for the clothes. He was then asked to fill out what clothing he needed and to return it to the desk when completed.

Black and white number 2 rang out, calling the next client. A tall young man with a shaved head and a serious smile stepped up and asked for clothes and bus passes. He presented a Department Of Correction ID, having just been released from prison. He was staying at the mission and needed bus passes to look for a job.
The next client was a single mother in her twenties, her two children in tow. She needed food and help with her rent. She had a letter from the Trustee’s office and her Indiana State ID. She was receiving a small amount of food stamps, but still qualified for food. With a Trustee letter, we could help with the rent. After her information was entered into the computer, she sat down and waited to be called.
The man who had need of food and clothes handed in the completed form for the clothes, with a concerned look on his face, he said “I hope this isn’t too much, we really need everything.” After a quick examination, to ensure the correct sizes and descriptions, though a large amount on the request, he was told we would do the best we could to meet his needs. He sat down and waited for a client minister. All the clients were registered in about 45 minutes. There were 31 clients that signed-in that December day. Although that was months ago, they are remembered.

Inasmuch is open at 9 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, once those waiting in line are let in, the door is closed. We are here until the last client is helped. We are supported with prayers, donations from area churches, businesses and individuals.   If you are interested in supporting this ministry please call 260-432-2347 ext. 310 and talk to Alyn..

A Common Goal

We are 7 days into April now. Easter Day has come and gone. But I keep thinking about His resurrection. As believers, we share the hope of everlasting life with our Savior.  As a gospel centered ministry, we share about Christ continually. So really, every day is Easter Day here at Inasmuch.

As we minister to those who come to us, as an organization, we have expenses. The majority of the funding we receive goes directly to help people. Last year we had a wonderful group of people come together at Broadway Christian Church to host a garage sale. We are having that garage sale again, during the Three Rivers Festival, July 10th and 11th, as I have written about previously.

This month I am calling members of BCC to seek volunteers to help with the task of hosting such a big event. I encourage the Family of Churches to participate also. It’s a great way to get to know each other and work toward a common goal. All the funds raised will go to our operations budget.